Click on the play icon in the center of the frame to begin playing the video. It may take a moment for the video to commence, depending on the speed of your connection.

click play icon to begin playing video

The videos can also be viewed in full screen mode. Click the four arrows in the lower right to expand the video so that it fills your screen. Click ESC to exit full screen mode when you have finished watching the video.

click arrows on lower right to enter full screen mode

If you prefer to go directly to YouTube to watch the video, click the YouTube icon on the lower right.

click youtube icon to navigate to youtube website

To adjust the volume, click on the speaker icon and use the mouse to drag the volume slider up and

click speaker icon to adjust volume

Finally, clicking the YouTube options icon in the lower right corner of the frame will display the URL of the video, as well as the HTML necessary to embed the video in another website. You can cut and paste this information to share the video with others.

click youtube options icon to share video

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